Can Jeb stage a McCain-style comeback?

The news surrounding Jeb Bush's presidential campaign isn't good. He's "hunkering down" with his family to "assess his candidacy." He's looking at big payroll cuts. He carries his own luggage while relying on supporters to drive him around, "including one who pulled away from a Rotary meeting last week with a flat rear tire."

Actually, that last bit is from a 2007 story about John McCain's campaign. If you're on Team Bush, you have to hope the McCain model applies to the former Florida governor. McCain went from being a front-runner to running a nearly broke campaign that was shedding staff.

In the end, McCain was the nominee. Rudy Giuliani, who led in national polls for longer than Donald Trump, imploded once the real voting started. He didn't even win a single primary. McCain upset Mitt Romney and won the New Hampshire primary for the second time.

Bush would obvioulsy like a different general election outcome, but that is the most recent precedent for someone going through what the ex-governor is experiencing and still emerging from the Republican National Convention victorious. If Giuliani could undergo such a spectacular collapse, the reasoning goes, why couldn't the far less tested Trump and Ben Carson?

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