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Krauthammer on 'Trumpism'

Krauthammer:"There is Trumpism"


Charles Krauthammer explained the phenomenon of “Trumpism” to viewers Monday on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”

Part of the reason Trump gets away with his controversial remarks is because he always seems to have “multiple outrages” that ultimately negate each other, Krauthammer said.

“Two days later, he is on to some other outrage and they each cancel the other out.”

“Everybody says the way people used to say about Biden—‘oh it’s a Bidenism.’ There is ‘Trumpism.’ We will be amused. We’ll  have a chuckle and we’ll go on.’” the Fox News contributor and syndicated columnist said.

“Trump is judged by standards that have never been invoked in the history of American politics.”

He added that when considering the Republican frontrunner, “nobody cares about the substance.”