Republican Sen. Marco Rubio reportedly “hates”working in the Senate, a job he has made it no secret hewon’t be returning to if his bid for the presidency fallsthrough.

He hates it,” a longtime Florida friendof the Republican presidential candidate told The Washington Poston condition of anonymity. Rubio rejected the term“hate” to describe his feelings about the Senate, buthe has made it clear he will not seek reelection.

“I don’t know that‘hate’ is the rightword,†he told the Post.“I’mfrustrated.â€

Rubio has missed more than 30 percent of Senate votes so far this year,the Post found. He voted for the first time in nearly a monthTuesday and gave his first floor speech in more than 40 days.

In the last Republican presidential primary debate,Rubio countered criticism from Trump about the missedvotes by saying it’s because he’s running forpresident. In an interview over the weekend he saidvotes are important, but often aren’t meaningfulor worth his time.

“I’m running for president so that the votes theytake in the Senate are actually meaningful again,” Rubio toldNew York magazine. “A lot of these votes don’t meananything. They’re not going to pass, and even if they did thepresident would veto it.”

Rubio said he continues to attend intelligence briefings andlook out for his constituents, which he said is the most importantpart of being a senator.

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