Donald Trump says that if elected “we will dosomething that will be done with heart” in order to deal withthe illegal immigrants and their families already in America.

Trump, in an interview set to air Monday on PodcastOne withLarry King, was asked about deporting families ofillegal immigrants, when Trump said, “Well, Ijust — I don’t want to get into yourspecific question, but we will we will do something that will bedone with heart.”

Larry King asked Trump about a hypothetical familyof illegal immigrants, who had children, when Trump explained,“I don’t want to comment on that one rightnow, Larry, because that’s the sort of aquestion where I just don’t want to answer itright now.”

“We do have to have laws for the border,” Trumpexplained, “The crime is incredible, the drug trafficking isunbelievable, and I have to tell you, I’ve beentold by many of your liberal friends at the top of the line, in LosAngeles as an example, that they’re voting forme because they can’t take itanymore.”

“You see what’s happened with LA; yousee what’s happened with so many differentplaces,” suggested Trump. “And, you know, I have greatrelationships with Mexico and with the Mexican people. I have greatrelationships with Hispanics… but we have to bea nation of laws.”

Co-host Shawn King later asked Trump about his“compassionate side” and “Whyaren’t you showing more of that?”

Trump insisted, “Maybe I wouldn’t bedoing as well in the polls.”

Larry retorted, “So you don’t want tobe known as a nice guy.”

Trump suggested, “It’s important. I think I am anice guy. I love people and, you know, love you guys. You’refantastic and always have been. But I think it’sreally about competence now.”

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