Trump blasts 'dark money' hours after a pro-Trump super PAC shuts down

In keeping with his promise not to be swayed by lobbyists or big-money donors, Donald Trump has requested that a handful of unauthorized super PACs supporting his presidential bid discontinue their fundraising efforts and return the donations they've so far received.

According to his campaign, Trump notified nine super PACs earlier this week, in letters sent by legal counsel, that he takes no responsibility for their fundraising efforts and does not wish to receive any of their support.

"I have disavowed all super PACs, requested the return of all donations made to said PACs and I am calling on all presidential candidates to do the same," the Republican front-runner said in a statement issued Friday by his campaign.

He added, "The character of our country is only as strong as our leaders — the only special interest I am beholden to is the American people and together we will Make America Great Again."

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Trump's campaign claims he sent the letters to eliminate any "confusion said PACs could potentially cause with [his] supporters across the country."

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