Clinton takes victory lap after Benghazi hearing

strong>ALEXANDRIA, Va.— HIllary Clinton took a campaign victory lap the day after her testimony before the Benghazi Select Committee. "A lot of things have been said about me, but quitter is not one of them," she said.

Clinton was introduced by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a longtime friend and ally of the Clinton family. The Virginia politician also praised Clinton's handling of the Benghazi committee.

"The next president of the United States is so important to Virginia and our country," McAuliffe said. "Folks, we know that Hillary Clinton is a fighter, she's been a fighter her whole life.

"I don't know any of you," he added, "you want to talk about a fight, how about those 11 hours of testimony yesterday? Thats what I'm talking about! Are you kidding me?"

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As the crowd cheered, McAuliffe continued, "I almost want to thank her because you saw those 11 hours of testimony, thats why she needs to be our commander in chief."

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