Roskam pins Libya, also known as 'Hillary's War,' on Hillary

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has tried to both take credit and not take credit for the illegal U.S.-led invasion of Libya, and Rep. Peter Roskam used his time in today's Benghazi's hearings to pin her down on this.

While Clinton stood by the war in her first debate, she has consistently portrayed it as a European and Middle East undertaking that the U.S. supported. This was never true as a military matter, and Clinton used to admit that the invasion wouldn't have happened without her. This is a relevant question, especially as post-Gadhafi Libya continues to descend into chaoas and devolve into a breeding ground for terrorists and maybe even a stronghold for ISIS.

Roskam's questioning drove home that Clinton personally overcame the objections of Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Vice President Joe Biden, and that she rallied international support for the invasion.

"You saw it, you drove it, you articulated it," Roskam said. "Our Libya policy couldn't have happened without you, because you were its chief architect."

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