George W. Bush returning to D.C. for Jeb fundraiser

When President George W. Bush returns to Washington, D.C., later this month, he will be the main attraction at a fundraiser for his little brother's presidential campaign.

George Bush will head to the nation's capitol for a "Bush-Cheney alumni event" on October 29 before appearing at an event for Jeb Bush later in the evening. One day after the former Florida governor appears on the presidential debate stage in Boulder, Colorado, the former president will look to rake in the big bucks alongside former White House chiefs of staff Andy Card and Josh Bolten.

An invitation obtained by the Washington Examiner shows a $2,700 sticker price to attend the fundraiser at the home of Paul Horvath. Horvath, the CEO of Orchard Global Capital, helped to "grow the nascent credit derivatives market" while at J.P. Morgan from 1999 to 2005 before the Great Recession began.

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The clubby affair of big-money donors and former Bush administration officials may not help the former governor push back against the insurgent outsider candidates who tout that they cannot be bought. Jeb Bush, who fell to sixth in the Washington Examiner's most recent power rankings, has repeatedly claimed "I'm my own man" on the campaign trail, but has made a habit of leaning on his brother for support. The Jeb Bush campaign recently used a photo of George Bush standing on the rubble of the Twin Towers in an online fundraising solicitation responding to criticism from Donald Trump.

And despite suggestions that George Bush would be nearly invisible on the campaign trail, the ex-president has proved to be one of Jeb Bush's biggest draws on the fundraising circuit. As the Washington Examiner's David Drucker noted, the former president has become Jeb Bush's indubitable "go-to surrogate for soliciting contributions from Jewish Republican donors."

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