WATCH: Hillary affects Southern accent in Alabama

Hillary Clinton running again for president means the return of the Hillary Clinton put-on Southern drawl. The tact used when speaking to some audiences drew its fair share of chuckles in the 2008 campaign.

With Bernie Sanders narrowing the gap in the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire, an itinerary of Clinton's upcoming events reveals an increasing strategy of a "Southern firewall" — winning South Carolina and then winning the many southern states holding primaries on "Super Tuesday," where Sanders is polling much worse. That could mean a lot more of these type of videos.

The Illinois-raised, New England-educated Clinton was a resident of Arkansas for nearly two decades, but the distinction between the accent she used in official Washington, or globe-trotting as secretary of state, and the one she used campaigning today at event in Alabama can be stark:

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She spoke with an even more strident affectation in Selma in 2007:

Clinton might chalk up the difference to the energy and the in-the-moment nature of stump speeches. Still, the difference between those events and her regular speaking voice can be surprising: