Deal? What deal? Iran rattles its saber

The ink on President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran is hardly dry, yet the mullahs already make it plain they'll take the $100 billion windfall and run.

Tehran is a thorn in its region's side, and that was never going to change, with or without a deal. It funds paramilitary groups, terrorists and death squads. It has extended its influence far into Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon.

But on Sunday, the ayatollahs did something more brazen in the context of its deal with the western powers. It conducted a test of its new Imad missile, an act clearly forbidden under a 2010 United Nations resolution. This test was intended to make a statement to intimidate other regional powers, including the oil-rich Sunni Muslim nations to its south and Israel to its west.

Iran's theocratic regime then followed up this missile test with a further round of saber-rattling. It broadcast on state television images of a massive underground missile facility. Brig-Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Revolutionary Guard aerospace division, delivered a menacing commentary on the reasons Iran seems to be gearing up for war. He announced that Iran has several such facilities buried 500 meters underground, and that "if enemies make a mistake, missile bases will erupt like a volcano from the depth of earth."

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He added that those keeping "options on the table," the phrase used by Obama and others to describe military options if Iran violates the nuclear deal, should be aware of Iran's options "under the table."

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