Bob Casey doesn't get why numbers are important

Sen. Bob Casey, in an interview with USA Today about his campus sexual assault bill, claimed that knowing just how many women are sexually assaulted "is important."

Casey had been asked whether Congress accepts the myth that one-in-five women will be sexually assaulted while in college. Casey immediately followed up his claim that the exact number is important by suggesting the number didn't really matter.

"The number is important. Even if the argument proves true that it's not (valid) — that it's one in six, one in seven, one in ten, one in 20 ­— that is still way too high," Casey said. "I have four daughters, two in college. So this hits people in a very personal way. We could spend all day debating numbers. I'm much more concerned about taking action."

(I wonder what Casey would have said if he had four sons at risk of being wrongly accused.)

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In any event, the number truly is important, because it dictates (or should dictate) what action is taken. Of course one sexual assault is too many, but if the one-in-five number is true, then the draconian policies being enacted on college campuses (the guilty-until-proven-innocent-maybe mentality and mandated question-and-answer sessions during sexual activity) probably don't go far enough.

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