Roger Stone: Only Trump and Cruz have the guts to challenge Clinton

Longtime campaign strategist Roger Stone thinks only Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz appear willing to torpedo Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Clinton performed well during the first Democratic presidential debate, Stone told the Washington Examiner. After examining her debate, Stone said he thinks Trump and Cruz have the chutzpah necessary to battle Clinton that other Republicans lack.

Stone previously advised Trump on his front-running presidential campaign.

Stone came away from the first Democratic presidential debate disappointed in CNN's questions and the moderators' failure to focus on Clinton's response to the 2012 terrorist attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

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"Marco Rubio won't ask her that question [about Benghazi]. He's in the club. They were in the Senate together. They're in the club," Stone said. "No politician will ask her that question. Donald Trump fears nothing and nobody. He'll ask her the hard questions. He may not be as polished a performer because he's not a career politician and he doesn't think about 'maybe we should have polled this question, maybe we should have put it into a focus group.' He tells you what he really thinks. The only other one in this field that I think has got the guts to take her on face-to-face is Ted Cruz."

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