Bush prepares for general election flight with Clinton

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush insists he would have aggressively gone after Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on the issue of her private server and personal emails if he had shared the debate stage with her on Tuesday.

"I thought it was interesting they [Democratic candidates] didn't go after her, particularly on the email issue," Bush told Fox News on Wednesday morning. "Because look there's an FBI investigation. She hasn't been forthcoming. That's a national security question, put aside the legalities of this. It's clear the Russians and the Chinese were trying to hack into her server."

"I would have taken her to task for that and if she wins the nomination and I win the nomination, trust me this is not going to end."

Bush, who ranks fifth in the Washington Examiner's GOP presidential power rankings, has a long way to go to winning the Republican presidential nomination. He also finishes fifth among Republican candidates in RealClearPolitics' average of national polls.

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