Dems split on whether black lives matter, or all lives matter

Democratic presidential candidates had a range of answers Tuesday night when asked whether "black lives matter," or "all lives matter."

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders didn't hesitate with his response, and said, "black lives matter." He has faced criticism from the movement's activists for his response to the movement and has since tried harder to reach out to black voters.

Sanders said the United States must combat "institutional racism from top to bottom," while also calling for major reforms to the nation's criminal justice system. Sanders also compared the levels of imprisonment in the U.S. to China, saying that nearly 2.2 million people in the nation are in prison, while China, which as four times the population of the U.S. has just over 1.5 million prisoners.

CNN host Anderson Cooper didn't press the same question when it was former secretary of State Hillary Clinton's turn, and instead let her answer more generally. The country needs "a New New Deal for our communities of color," she said. "I think that President Obama has been a great moral leader on these issues and has laid out an agenda that has been obstructed by the Republicans at every turn."

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