Clinton spokeswoman: We haven't prepared for Biden

Hillary Clinton's team knows that they may face some competition from Joe Biden in the next few days, but they haven't spent time preparing for the vice president's entrance into the race because they don't think he will affect the Democratic front-runner's campaign.

"We haven't," Clinton communications director Jen Palmieri said just minutes before the first Democratic debate, when asked if the Clinton campaign had prepared for Biden's possible entrance. "Obviously we are aware of the circumstances, we're aware that option's a possibility. I'm not sure that it changes much of how we would do things."

She added, "Obviously it changes the race to see the vice president, he would be a major force. But we don't feel like it would change the way we operate our campaign."

The vice president has been seriously considering jumping into the Democratic primary since August, and will likely make a decision in the coming days. Both Biden and Clinton served in the Obama administration, and appeal to similar voter demographics. If Biden were to join the race, he would inevitably cut Clinton support; some polls show him cutting her support by as much as 20 percent. But the Clinton campaign still does not think this will hurt the Democratic front-runner.

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