Oh, Snap! Reid Files Lawsuit Against Exercise Band Maker

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and his wife Landra sued the exercise equipment maker, Thera-Band maker Hygenic Intangible Property Holding Co., The Hygenic Corp. and Performance Health LLC, for the exercise band he says that caused serious injury in his right eye, The Las Vegas Review Journal reports.

Reid alleges in court documents filed in Clark County, Nevada that a defective exercise resistance band caused more than $50,000 in damages.

“As a result of the TheraBand breaking or slipping out of his hand, Plaintiff Harry Reid has suffered and continues to suffer from severe pain and injuries including, but not limited to, loss of vision in his right eye, a concussion, broken orbital bones, severe disfigurement and bruising to his face, hand injuries, facial lacerations, scarring, and broken ribs,” the complaint says.

According to the complaint, the band was attached to a “sturdy object in his bathroom. While in use, the TheraBand broke or slipped out of Mr. Reid’s hand, causing him to spin around and strike his face on a cabinet.”

It also alleges, “Defendants knew or had constructive knowledge of the danger of injury to consumers, especially to the elderly, as a result of TheraBands breaking or slipping out of their hands while mounted to various sturdy objects.”

Reid has said that his decision to retire is not connected to any health concerns nor to the possibility of facing a tough re-election battle in 2016.

However, the Nevada Democrat said in a taped announcement, the accident caused him and his wife “to have a little down time. I have had time to ponder and to think.”