Merchants say they can't keep up with demand for Donald Trump piñatas

Source via facebook

 (Source via facebook)

Donald Trump piñatas are selling like, well, Donald Trump piñatas.

From Mexico to California to Texas, folks can’t resist the notion of clobbering the fork-tongued presidential candidate who has said – among other things – that Mexico dumps its worst on the United States, and that if his primary residence is ever the White House, he will build a huge wall along the border.

“We get lots and lots of calls,” the San Antonio Express-News quoted Marylou Hernandez, owner of the Cascaron Store on Austin Highway, of saying about the custom-made Trump piñatas that she sells.

Her store offers two version of the Trump piñata – Angry-Faced Trump and Superman Trump.

The piñatas go for between $37 and $200.

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“It’s been very popular and very funny, the requests from the customers, they’re just unique,” she said. “We just customize it to what they want.”

Other merchants report the same intense interest in the Trump piñatas.

"We're going to have to work overtime," Jesus Marquez of Marquez Bros. Piñatas in California told the San Jose Mercury News recently. "We've made 200 Trump piñatas so far this summer. And this week, we have to make 100." 

Even those who may not be interested in plunking down money for the imaginatively coifed presidential candidate’s likeness still want some souvenir of it, evidently.

Tourists strolling along downtown San Antonio often can be seen snapping photos of the Trump piñata on display in a Houston Street window of Veronica Sandoval’s Tienda La Garza.

"One client asked for a Trump piñata, and whatever the customer says, you know?" said Yaret Hernandez, owner of El Rosal Bakery in Live Oak, California told the Mercury News. "Now we get a lot of calls for him. He's the most ordered piñata." 

Of course, no real Trump piñata would be complete without a wad of cash, and this one has fake $100 bills in his right hand, and a $50 in his left, the newspaper reports.

The Piñata Party Palace in Austin has sold more than 200 of its Mexico-imported piñatas in recent weeks. It has shipped quite a few around the country.

“It’s mostly Caucasian people buying them,” said salesperson Guadalupe Mendez. “We sell out pretty fast.”

People especially love the version the store sells of an angry Trump.

“There’s this provider who keeps making them very friendly, like, cartoon-looking. They don’t sell as much as the one that has a big mouth and angry face,” Mendez said.

Houston’s Party Piñatas has been selling about five Trump piñatas each week.

“It’s something affordable that they can hit,” said an employee.

Carlos Cervantes, owner of Karla’s Super Piñatas on Fredericksburg Road, told the Express- News that he’s getting inundated with requests for Trump piñatas, but he’s passing up on the chance to profit off the craze.

“I don’t want to get involved, but we’re getting a lot of requests. We probably could make a lot of money,” Cervantes said. “We’re trying to stay on the sidelines. We try to stay away from the political or the religious. Believe me, we get requests for Jesus Christ piñatas, too. Nah.”

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