Outrage over L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist comments obtained by website TMZ has surged through social media, usually with the hashtag #BoycottClippers or #DonaldSterling.

Some demanded he resign or be fired. Others mocked and made fun of the 80-year-old mogul. Sponsors like Carmax and Virgin America bailed on sponsorships. And players and celebrity sports fans like Billy Crystal showed support for the team, not the owner.

But  “Anchorman” creator Adam McKay just can’t bring himself to walk into the Staples Center.

Magic Johnson (who inadvertently triggered the Sterling rant by posing for a picture with his female friend V. Stiviano) spent hours opining on the controversy and finally sent out this tweet:

The Clippers tweeted yesterday that “despite controversy” the team remains focused on Game 4 of its NBA playoffs series. The team got clobbered, 118-97.

TMZ continues reporting on Sterling. V. Stiviano denounced Sterling, his wife called him despicable, and a newly released audio has the owner saying of his mostly African-American players, “I give them food.”

Really? What about all the goodies he gave you that Sterling’s wife is now suing to get back?

As ABC’s Jim Sciutto points out, even Donald Trump has something to say that’s reminiscent of former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry’s lament that a “b-tch set me up” for a crack-smoking bust.

While overseas, President Obama weighed in on the controversy surrounding Sterling and is getting some heat from Fox News contributor Ric Grenell.

And Ken Gardner harkens back to Henry Louis Gates’ White House drink with the president.

Whatever Sterling’s fate, his despicable words will stand as his legacy.

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