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Krauthammer: Real objective of ObamaCare is 'semi-nationalization' of health care

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Charles Krauthammer said Monday on "Special Report with Bret Baier" that he believes the true objective of ObamaCare is to serve as a "semi-nationalization" of the health care industry using insurers as the middle man.

Krauthammer, a syndicated columnist and a Fox News contributor, cited the recent CBO report that projects 25 million people have signed up but 12 million will lose their existing coverage after 10 years of ObamaCare. According to the CBO, by 2024 there will be a net gain of 13 million who become insured, but 31 million who will be uninsured. 

Krauthammer said it is evident the real objective of ObamaCare is to sever the relationship that Americans have now with their private insurance so everyone eventually ends up in in a market essentially controlled by the government. 

"It is a semi-nationalization using the insurers as the middle man but that's what it’s about. That is what the objective in the first place," he said, "why all the numbers are obscured and hidden and why you only get them after we kick and scream and demand them."