Former Pentagon watchdog: Obama administration officials 'blatantly lying'

Yes, government waste, fraud and abuse are the triplet children of incompetence, greed and unbridled ambition. 

But these sins of public trust begin and end with dishonesty. 

And Joseph E. Schmitz has seen a lot of lying by the government to taxpayers in his lengthy legal career. 

Schmitz, who served as inspector general of the U.S. Department of Defense from 2002-05, in an interview with Watchdog.org said, "no political party has a monopoly on waste, fraud and abuse and corruption." 

But he said he has seen some troubling patterns of deceit in the Obama administration. 

Exhibit A, according to the attorney: Benghazi. 

"I still represent whistleblowers, and I see the people in this current administration just blatantly lying -- lying to American citizens, lying about people trying to redress grievances," Schmitz said. "These huge scandals start with dishonesty." 

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