Attention, "Seinfeld" fans. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul announced via his Twitter account that he is honoring "Festivus" by "airing his grievances" against D.C. on Monday.  

Festivus, the holiday fabricated by the hit TV sitcom, has lived on as an annual staple in popular culture. The sort-of holiday is celebrated Dec. 23 with traditions that include an unadorned aluminum pole, the "airing of grievances" and "feats of strength."  

Paul kicked off his grievances with D.C. earlier this morning, tweeting the “’bipartisan deal’ is a synonym for ‘increasing our debt.’"

He then moved on to the Senate. “If you want more bipartisan cooperation,  talk more not less,” he griped on Twitter. 

Paul took a break from tweeting about all the ways he’s been disappointed by D.C. by noting today’s significance for another reason besides Festivus: “It is the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve.” 

He then quickly returned to airing his grievances by noting, “@CoryBooker doesn't RT me enough.”

But alas, he wrote, “There will be no feats of strength, and I have no plans to end Festivus by wrestling with Senator Reid.”

Will Paul experience a Festivus miracle this year? At the very least, he should wish a time-honored “Festivus for the rest of us.”