Illinois Gov. Quinn faces union ire after pension overhaul – for now

Illinois Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn can pretty much forget about getting any more money from the state’s public employee unions, after signing a landmark pension overhaul.

Unless, maybe, conservative Republican Bruce Rauner wins the GOP primary.

“There are some hard feelings right now,” Democratic state representative Brandon Phelps told Illinois Watchdog. “But if Bruce Rauner wins, the unions have no place else to go.”

Rauner has focused his campaign on “taking on the union bosses.”

“We’ve got the government unions bosses running the government for their benefit, not your benefit,” Rauner told a crowd at last weekend’s Illinois Farm Bureau meeting in Chicago. “I am the one person who will stand up to them … stand them down. Challenge their power.”

Phelps voted against the new pension reform law because, he says, it will take too much away from the mostly union voters in his district.

Phelps said Quinn has about a year to try to rebuild some trust.

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