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George Will: McConnell may be roadblock to budget deal

The House might give a green light to the agreement, but the Senate Minority Leader vote no


Syndicated columnist George Will said Tuesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that the bipartisan deal reached by congressional negotiators on the budget is a big step toward compromise between the parties; but while the House might give a green light to the agreement, the Senate minority leader could put a stop to it.

“It just could be that the fractious, turbulent, anti-establishment House may rally around this,” he said, “[but] Mitch McConnell, very emblematic man of the Republican establishment votes against it.”

The reason, Will explained, is the budget deal proposes doing away with sequester cuts McConnell helped put in place.

“The sequester is his baby,” Will said. “He’s the one who got it into the Budget Control Act for 2011, he’s running on that in part….So you could have the establishment, in a sense resisting the House.”