Legislative ‘pork’ takes on new meaning in Ohio

Ohio motorists soon will be able to claim their roadkill and take home the pork under a new provision OK’d by the state House of Representatives.

H.B. 199 was approved by a 94-1 vote Wednesday. It allows any driver who hits and kills a feral hog, wild boar, or a wild turkey to keep the animal. They just need to report it to a wildlife or law enforcement officer within 24 hours. Deer are covered by a similar provision.

Sponsored by state Rep. Bob Hackett, R-London, and state Rep. Tony Burkley, R-Paulding, the measure also adds feral hogs to the game list, which means the state can establish a hunting season and set bag limits on the animals.

Dishing up a number of puns while urging support, Burkley said Ohioans won’t have to wait for road crews or buzzards to clean up the roads, adding that the cost of repairing any damage to a vehicle caused by hitting a hog “would be offset somewhat by the additional food that may be placed on the table, so you can say it’s for the kids.”

The one person not amused was Rep. Matt Lundy, D-Elyria, who cast the lone vote against the measure.

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