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@SenCruz: 'Halloween isn't the only thing frightening Americans... #ObamaScare is coming'

The #ObamaScare hashtag was used by many Republicans in the days leading up to Halloween.

The #ObamaScare hashtag was used by many Republicans in the days leading up to Halloween.  (

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Cue the flying bats and black cats; it’s the Halloween edition of Top Twitter Talk.

The award for best trick-or-treat tie-in to ObamaCare – or as he calls it, #ObamaScare, goes to …Ted Cruz.

His tweets are usually multi-media - like this one- which is complete with a pretty well-produced minute-long video with creepy music, news footage, and dark graphics.

Ted Cruz @SenTedCruz

Halloween isn't the only thing frightening Americans. #ObamaScare is coming: http: //www.…Watch & RT!

A quick look in the archive shows he’s not the first to think of the #ObamaScare hashtag – it’s been kicking around the net since 2009.

But his recent tweet of Edvard Munch’s abstract painting The Scream, covered with his definition of ObamaCare, sure gave it oomph.

Ted Cruz @SenTedCruz

#ObamaScare isn't just limited to premiums. Just wait until you have to use your insurance.  

His colorful approach is a good one since Twitter tweaked its policy this week allowing actual videos and images – not just links - to pop up directly on timelines.


Radio host and Tea Partier Dana Loesch and Tony Katz, a columnist and Fox News contributor, come in second place in the ObamaScare theme contest with the creation of the website to publicize their #ObamaScare Texas conferences. It’s sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, a conservative advocacy group founded with support from the billionaire Koch brothers.

The roadshow is billed as “a conversation with business and community leaders discussing how this big government power grab will affect your business, your family, and your future.”

The creature included in the picture attached to the tweet is of, well, I’m not quite sure. But it might need a doctor.

Dana Loesch @DLoesch

Road trip to Houston for #Obamascare See you there! @texasafp


And leave it to @LOLGOP which describes its feed as, “live tweeting the GOP’s painfully slow demise as a national party,” to drive a stake into the heart of the party this Halloween.


“BREAKING: Tea Party to primary challenge anyone who doesn't get a "I HATE OBAMASCARE" face tattoo TONIGHT.”


Meanwhile radio talk show host (and Fox News contributor) Laura Ingraham solved her costume conundrum while watching yesterday's House grilling of Obama's health secretary – all while creating one of the more original scare-based hashtags out there.

Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle

“Instructive to watch #Sebelius testimony. Helps w/ my Halloween costume planning...with the grey suit! #HHSSecScary

Trick? Or treat?

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