Kathleen Sebelius apparently has time to travel, but not time to testify. 

The secretary of Health and Human Services plans to travel to Phoenix, Ariz., on Thursday to tour an ObamaCare call center -- after telling Republicans she was unable to testify that same day. 

An Obama administration official confirmed to Fox News that Sebelius plans to visit the call center and meet with community leaders on outreach to those currently uninsured. 

Previously, the Department of Health and Human Services said she was unable to make a Thursday hearing on the troubled ObamaCare rollout before the House Energy and Commerce Committee due to a "scheduling conflict." 

The department did not specify what that conflict was. 

Sebelius was already taking heat for snubbing the committee while planning to attend a health care gala in Boston on Wednesday night. 

It's unclear whether Sebelius' "scheduling conflict" was the gala, the Phoenix event or neither. 

The House Energy and Commerce Committee says Sebelius is now expected to testify next Wednesday on the health care law. 

An HHS official said earlier this week that they had been working toward a "mutually agreeable date." 

The trip is evidently the start of a multi-city tour by administration officials to promote the health care law amid the website's troubles.

White House officials and cabinet secretaries will travel to 10 cities across the country with the highest rates of uninsured Americans in the coming weeks, including Dallas, Houston, Miami and Atlanta.

Fox News' Wes Barrett contributed to this report.