Police involved in Capitol car chase and shooting unpaid due to partial shutdown

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The Capitol Hill police officers involved in Thursday's car chase and shooting outside the Capitol are not earning a paycheck or hazard pay due to the government’s partial suspension of services.

While U.S.Capitol Police are considered part of “essential” services, they have not been paid for their work since Tuesday, when the partial  suspension took effect.

When Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.) called an officer injured from the incident from his office and reached him in the hospital according to a spokeperson.

Senator Reid asked the officer how he was doing, and the officer said he's going to be fine and added,"the only thing I do every day is to make sure you and everyone who works up here is safe." 

The chaotic case and Capitol lockdown began when a woman tried to ram a barrier near the White House and ended with a chase to the Capitol, where shots were fired.

One officer was injured in a related car crash.

Capitol Hill sources confirm to Fox News the suspect is dead.

Fox News Channel's Chad Pergram contributed reporting to this story.