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Charles Krauthammer on Obama’s Syria policy: ‘Bumbling … hesitation … zig zags’

Krauthammer expressed concern about the Obama administration's Syria policy.


Charles Krauthammer expressed concern Tuesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that a limited attack in Syria could lead to retaliation – and the Obama administration won’t know how to respond.

“The worry that a lot of people have is, given the bumbling, the hesitation, the zig zags of Obama's policy up until now, which is entirely incoherent, do you trust him to be the one who will respond adequately, wisely, if and when the response happens?” he asked.

On that potential retaliation to a U.S. strike, Krauthammer, a Fox News contributor and syndicated columnist, added, “The assumption we do it, we go home, nothing happens could be true – but it is unlikely to be true.”