US Army producing bombs with aim of saving lives

Brian Clayson has more than a dozen explosives outside his Fort Gordon office.

The collection includes a pressure-cooker bomb similar to the one used during the Boston Marathon attack; a suicide vest commonly found in the Middle East; and a hollowed-out, dynamite-filled boulder soldiers routinely encounter while deployed to Iraq.

The Augusta Chronicle reports that none of the weapons is made to kill. All are built to save soldiers' lives.

Clayson heads a staff of 10 civilian employees at Fort Gordon who design and manufacture more than 280 war-type training aids for the U.S. military.

The 45,000-square-foot "fabrication center" collects explosives from around the world, declassifies the items and through the use of $2 million in high-powered drilling systems, water jets and wire cutters, builds prototypes of the devices.

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