Millennials from both sides of the aisle agree US intervention in Syria is not a good option

Ron Meyer and Emily Tisch Sussman on how young Americans feel about the situation


Young Americans are weighing in on the debate over military action in Syria.  Former spokesman to the Young America's Foundation Ron Meyer and Campaigns Director for the Center for American Progress Action Fund Emily Tisch Sussman reacted to possible intervention.

“Young people can come together on both sides on Syria … I haven’t talked to a single young person who wants to go into Syria,” Meyer told Defcon 3’s KT McFarland on Foxnews.com LIVE. “Picking sides in that fight doesn’t make sense, wasting taxpayer dollars doesn’t make sense,” says Meyer, who is running for Congress in Virginia.

Sussman explained that millennials have dealt with the fight against terrorism for over a decade and are quite aware of what’s going on overseas and at home. “We know our brothers, sisters, neighbors who are serving and we see those real effects,” she explained.

Meyer says young people are disappointed with President Obama’s foreign policy positions.

“He came with a lot of promise … people thought he was going to bring a lot of transparency,” said Meyer. “It seems like he has been a continuation of the Bush foreign policy.”

Sussman says young Americans are concerned that there is no clear outcome to a possible conflict.

“It’s hard to know when there would be a real win, so it cuts into popularity,” said Sussman.

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Chris Snyder is a producer for Fox News based in New York. Follow him on twitter: @ChrisSnyderFox