Obama to meet with Hill Democrats as immigration reform, agenda appears stalled

FILE: July 17, 2012: President Obama in Austin, Texas

FILE: July 17, 2012: President Obama in Austin, Texas  (AP)

President Obama is headed to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to meet with congressional Democrats on their legislative agenda, officials familiar with the meeting told Fox News.

The meetings with fellow Democrats in the House and Senate are scheduled to take place at a pivotal time in the president’s second term. The Obama-backed immigration reform bill that passed in the Senate is stalled in the Republican-controlled House and much of the rest of the president's agenda also appears to be stalled, including the full implementation of his signature health care law.

In addition, the clock is ticking on upcoming congressional deals on the federal debt ceiling and preventing a government shutdown.

Obama’s early second-term goal of passing comprehensive gun-control legislation failed this spring in the Senate.  

One of the sources told Fox News that the president called for the meeting with House Democrats and that the full Democratic caucuses in both chambers have been invited.

Fox News’ Ed Henry and Chad Pergram contributed to this report.