Ambassador Stevens reportedly warned of Libya 'security threats' in final diary entry

In a chilling note shortly before he was killed, U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens complained about "never ending security threats" in Libya, according to excerpts of what was purported to be Stevens' diary. 

The excerpts were published Wednesday by SOFREP.COM, which is run by a group of former U.S. Special Ops personnel. 

The entries, while not independently verified, track with prior reports about Stevens' diary. 

They show Stevens airing concern about security conditions in Benghazi but also remaining hopeful about the conditions in the post-Qaddafi country. 

His Sept. 11 entries encapsulated these competing messages. 

"It is so nice to be back in Benghazi," he wrote, according to the pages posted online. 

But his final entry also warned of "never ending security threats." 

SOFREP.COM said a prior entry warned about the power of militias and the "weak state security institutions," creating "dicey conditions." As has been previously reported, Stevens also wrote: "Islamist 'hit list' in Benghazi. Me targeted," according to the website. 

Stevens was killed along with three other Americans in the Sept. 11, 2012, terror attack. 

House lawmakers were receiving a closed-door briefing on the attack on Wednesday from former Army Gen. Carter Ham, who headed the U.S. Africa Command.