Sitting on a gold mine? Harry Reid's Nevada hometown up for sale

Almost all of the shrinking desert town in Nevada that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid calls home is up for sale.

The Doing family, which owns much of Searchlight, Nev., put up 41 acres of holdings on the market Monday, which includes a famous former brothel, 20 to 30 vacant lots and six commercial buildings, said Fred Marik, a listing broker with Las Vegas Commercial & Business sales.

The brothel reportedly catered to workers building the Hoover Dam in the 1930s.

The property owners -- Warren and Verlie Doing -- moved from northern Nevada to Searchlight in 1967. Twelve years later, the husband and wife duo built the Searchlight Nugget Casino, the only full casino in town. Since then, the family has slowly bought up most of the real estate in town.

When Warren died in 1984, it was up to his 88-year-old wife to keep the business going. Last year, the Doing properties brought in $1.85 million in revenue.

The Doing children have said they don’t want to follow in their parents' business and real estate footsteps, and so the family is selling their properties. The asking price is $5 million.

Searchlight sits about 60 miles south of Las Vegas. It was once a thriving gold mining town, but later became an example of the state’s economic problems and became a political sore spot for Reid – one of its most famous residents.