US Army launches probe over video showing security contractors drunk in Afghanistan

The U.S. Army has opened a criminal investigation after a video surfaced that appears to show senior security contractors in Afghanistan stumbling around drunk and high on their base in Kabul.

ABC News, which posted the video, says the cellphone recording was provided to them by two former employees, John Melson and Kenny Smith, of the security contracting company Jorge Scientific. The two have since filed suit against the company claiming it "endangered Jorge employees, the U.S. mission and U.S. military personnel."

The U.S. military in Afghanistan released a statement today saying in part, "behavior such as that described by ABC News is not acceptable for U.S. personnel, but it is not indicative of the outstanding work that thousands of contractors and service members perform every day in Afghanistan."

In the video a shirtless man can be seen taking large swigs of hard liquor, kicking the air and then wrestling with a colleague who also appears to be intoxicated. In a separate clip a medical officer is shown sitting upright, but he has glazed eyes and doesn’t respond to another man's requests to get up and “snap out of it.”

ABC News said the medic, Kevin Carlson, was high on an anesthetic called Ketamine and that he admitted to frequently injecting himself with narcotics.

The Pentagon says there are strict rules for all its personnel and contractors that forbid the use of alcohol and drugs.

Jorge Scientific has been awarded almost $1 billion in U.S. government contracts.

Today the company released a statement saying it "took decisive action to correct the unacceptable behavior of a limited number of employees that occurred at an administrative living facility in Afghanistan."

Fox News' Jennifer Griffin contributed to this report.