Teamsters president likens Republicans to Cambodian despot Pol Pot

Teamsters President James Hoffa reportedly likened the Republican Party to brutal Cambodian leader Pol Pot, claiming both had tried to rewrite history. 

Hoffa, according to The Detroit News, made the remarks Thursday at the National Press Club. He was complaining about Republicans at their convention in Tampa last month "ignoring" what happened under former President George W. Bush. 

"The Republicans are rewriting history," Hoffa said, according to The Detroit News. "There was no recession. There were no wars. Nothing ever happened during those eight years." 

He continued: "It's like Pol Pot -- basically start (from) the Day One, the new calendars." 

Hoffa was referring to how Pol Pot, leader of the feared Khmer Rouge, tried to discard history prior to his rule as he forced citizens to work in the countryside. An estimated 2 million people died under Pol Pot.   

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