Policy aside, Obama turns conversation to beer in Iowa

WATERLOO, Iowa – The presidential bus, nicknamed “Ground Force One,” has all the amenities a president would need – not the least of which is bottles of specialty White House beer.

This was one of the details President Obama talked up during his three-day swing through Iowa on the custom-made, super-armored coach.

Tuesday morning he visited a coffee shop, ordering cinnamon rolls and muffins. Even though it was before 11 a.m., he still ended up talking about the White House brew with a patron, who asked for a bottle.

The president then had someone round up a bottle from the presidential bus and gave it to the customer. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney later said there is a light and dark brew, describing them as “superb” and “refreshing.”

During the trip, the president was able to have a few moments of down time with local Iowans and sip a beer, which he referenced a couple times in speeches.

At the Iowa State Fair, he bought a round of Bud Lites at the Bud tent Monday night and was greeted with chants “four more beers!”

The president said Tuesday at an event in Marshalltown he could have one more beer for the day, which he proceeded to drink at a local pub in Cedar Falls before making his final speech of the day, in Waterloo.