Warren backtracks on claim of Wall Street support, calls own comment 'silly'

Elizabeth Warren is backtracking on a claim she made about Wall Street executives supporting her in her Senate bid because she will "save capitalism" -- a comment she now calls "silly."

The Democratic hopeful in Massachusetts had told the National Journal that Wall Streets figures had told her they wanted to back her in the race. According to the Boston Herald, Republicans and others were quick to point out the gaffe, as Warren has said throughout her campaign that her opponent, Republican Sen. Scott Brown, is a "favorite" congressman of Wall Street.

"I passed along a comment that was over the top, and it was silly for me to do so," Warren told the Boston Herald at a campaign stop in Somerville on Tuesday.

Warren's reversal of the Wall Street comment comes after claims about her Cherokee ancestry also were contested. The issue is something Warren has dealt with for the last few months during her campaign.

Nevertheless, Democrats are hoping for a Warren win in Massachusetts to help them hold onto their slim majority in the Senate, and she has been selected to speak in a prominent spot at the Democratic National Convention in September.