Could Mitt Romney actually be running for president of "Amercia?"

Twitter went wild Tuesday night when it was discovered that the Romney campaign had misspelled the word "America" on its new iPhone app that launched only hours earlier.

The "With Mitt" app lets users take a photo and superimpose one of 14 different phrases over the top before posting the photo directly to Facebook or Twitter or emailing it to a friend.

The friend then receives a message reading, "I'm with Mitt Romney in 2012. And here's a photo showing my support. Check it out!"

Instead, on what should have been a night for celebration for the Romney camp -- after the former Massachusetts governor clinched enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination with his Texas primary win -- the app became a platform for ridicule.

"The iPhone app is here - download it & tweet your photos using #WithMitt. Will RT some favorites tomorrow," Romney himself tweeted after clinching the nomination.

But after the "Amercia" gaffe was discovered, Twitter users took great glee in imagining what "Amercia" stood for and what policies Romney had planned for the nation, such as "Amercia-n exceptionalism."

"Whew, I hear Mitt's updating that misspelled Amercia on his app. He's just going with Untied States now," read one tweet.

"Does Mitt Romney believe that Obama was born in Keyna," another asked.

Another tweeted, "AMERCIA TEH BUETIFLU."

The Romney campaign told The Washington Post that it had submitted a corrected version of the app to Apple, which has to approve the update before it goes live.