Bachmann moves to withdraw dual Swiss citizenship

Former GOP candidate plans to withdraw dual Swiss citizenship


Rep. Michele Bachmann announced Thursday that she is withdrawing her dual Swiss citizenship. 

The issue of her citizenship had generated a flurry of news stories in recent days. The firebrand conservative congresswoman says she's been a dual citizen since 1978, when she married her husband of Swiss descent -- and that the status was automatic under Swiss law. Bachmann, R-Minn., on Wednesday called the issue a "non-story." 

But on Thursday, she said she's making a change and wants to make clear she's a "proud" American.   

"Today, I sent a letter to the Swiss Consulate requesting withdrawal of my dual Swiss citizenship, which was conferred upon me by operation of Swiss law when I married my husband in 1978," Bachmann said in a statement. 

"I took this action because I want to make it perfectly clear: I was born in America, and I am a proud American citizen. I am, and always have been, 100 percent committed to our United States Constitution and the United States of America." 

Bachmann is a former Republican presidential candidate. She recently endorsed Mitt Romney.