McDonnell Sees "Great Path" for Romney

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is urging leery conservatives to support his choice for president, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

In his only interview at CPAC, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell told Fox News he sees a "great path" for Mitt Romney to clinch the Republican nomination.

McDonnell believes Mitt Romney understands, and lives, the American dream. "I've gotten to know him as a guy who is warm, who is friendly, who is incredibly generous as we've seen when he released his tax returns," McDonnell said.

Unlike other prominent campaign surrogates who have spoken at CPAC and not mentioned their candidates by name, McDonnell used his CPAC speech to push for Romney. He called Romney a private sector leader who has "been able to get things done."

McDonnell's CPAC speech also stressed the significance of Republican leadership. McDonnell is the chair of the Republican Governor's Association. His name has even been tossed around as a potential vice presidential candidate. McDonnell has said he would consider it, if the offer presented itself.