Sununu Unplugged

In an interview with FNC's Martha MacCallum, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu offered candid remarks about a few of the GOP presidential candidates for 2012.

Sununu, a Romney supporter, unloaded on Newt Gingrich in the interview Friday morning, calling him dishonest and saying the former House Speaker "has difficulty with the truth." Sununu's comments were sparked by a Gingrich claim that Mitt Romney funded abortion through his legislation as the Governor of Massachusetts.When asked to predict if the topic would come up in this weekend's GOP debates, Sununu stated: "I don't think Mr. Gingrich has the guts to say it to Governor Romney's face."

Sununu also went after former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman's Republican credentials, saying Huntsman has "tremendous admiration for President Obama" and warned that "the last thing in the world you want is an Obama-lover running against President Obama in this election."

Producer Matt Dean contributed to this report.