Obama Losing Latino Vote, Survey Says

Once almost assumed that the Latino vote would go to President Barack Obama in the 2012 race, a soon to be released survey suggests that may no longer be the case. 

Joshua Ulibarri writes in a memo slated to be released by the prominent Democratic firm Lake Research Partners that while Latino’s still generally support the Democratic Party, Obama’s numbers among the Hispanic voting group are not what they need to be if he hope to use them as as a base group against the Republicans.

In a survey of 600 Latino voters in 25 states considered heavily Hispanic, only 43 percent of Latinos said Obama’s job performance was good while 33 percent claimed his performance was only fair.

In congressional races, Latinos are also voicing their disapproval with Democrats. The survey showed that 71 percent of those polled said that Democrats in Congress were doing a fair job.

The number was for Republicans was only a little bit higher at 76 percent.

“The difference between Democrats, and Republicans, while both do very poorly, is in intensity, with 29 percent of Latinos believing Democrats are doing a poor job compared to 38 percent who believe Republicans are doing a poor job,” the pollster writes, according to Politico. “That 9-point difference helps protect a Democratic lead in the congressional ballot.”

Along with the falling numbers for Obama and other Democratic politicians, the survey also hinted that Latino voters are becoming disheartened by their economic prospects and the attainability of the American dream.

“Latinos are not more optimistic for the next generation of Latinos. Seventy-one percent of registered Latino voters believe it will be harder to achieve the American dream for the next generation, compared to just 9 percent who believe it will be easier,” the survey said.

For more information on Latino voting trends, see the Univision News poll

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