Perry Enters 2012 TV Ad War

After several aggressive Web videos attacking former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Texas Governor Rick Perry's campaign is entering more expensive phase of the campaign with its first TV ad buy in Iowa.

No attacks on other candidates, it's really just an attempt to introduce Perry to America, since there are just two months until the Iowa caucuses.

"Governor Perry's new TV ad signals two priorities, American job creation and the families of Iowa," says Perry spokesman Ray Sullivan. "The ad, which will be widely seen on Iowa TV and cable stations, underscores Rick Perry's commitment to sparking millions of new jobs and his record as America's jobs governor."

The campaign says the 30 second spot is a statewide ad buy on broadcast and cable. It's a modest buy, $175 thousand dollars to start.But the race for president is about to become more expensive for GOP hopefuls. Romney has yet to buy TV ads. But, like Perry, Romney has created several aggressive web videos.

Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) is currently airing ads is some key early voting states-- Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

Former Senator Rick Santorum, who has spent more time in Iowa than any other GOP candidate, has released a radio ad in the Hawkeye state.

And, although Congresswoman Michele Bachmann ran TV ads in Iowa this summer, she has not since then.

Atlanta businessman Herman Cain got a lot of media attention this week from an unusual online video featuring his Chief of Staff, that ends with him puffing on a cigarette.