House Speaker John Boehner "respectfully challenged" Barack Obama during a phone call Thursday over statements the president made about the existence of a GOP plan to address the jobs crisis.

Obama had called Boehner to congratulate him for passing three trade agreements but, according to Politico, ended up getting pulled up by the speaker for saying earlier Thursday that he had not seen a Republican jobs plan.

"I haven't yet seen" a GOP plan that would create jobs in the near term, Obama said at a press conference, adding, "And so, eventually, I'm hoping that they actually put forward some proposals that indicate that they feel that sense of urgency about people -- needing to put people back to work right now."

In an unusual move, Boehner's office released a detailed account of their subsequent 10-minute conversation.

"I want to make sure you have all the facts," Boehner reportedly told Obama, reminding him that the House GOP had released a jobs plan in May and talked to the administration about it "on numerous occasions."

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"The speaker told the president that when he sent his jobs plan to the Hill, Republicans pledged to give it consideration, and have done so," the release stated. "The president was reminded of a memo written by GOP leaders outlining the specific areas where they believe common ground can be found.

"The speaker also noted that a number of the president's ideas have already been acted on in the House, including a veterans hiring bill, trade agreements, and a three percent withholding bill approved by the Ways & Means Committee today that will be considered on the House floor this month."

The tense conversation is being seen as the latest sign of continued frosty relations between the pair as both sides of politics grapple with selling their solution to the nation's economic woes.