Gingrich: "Won't Say No" to Veep Offer

AP Photo

AP Photo

Newt Gingrich says he "wouldn't say no" to if one of his current competitors asked him to be their running mate, and advised anyone who was asked by the GOP nominee to seriously consider saying yes.

The former House Speaker, who has established himself as the elder statesman of the GOP presidential field, insists he isn't giving up on the republican presidential nomination, but told FOX News: "It's not about your personal ambition. It's about your duty as a citizen."

Gingrich has gained some ground in the most recent polls. He was fourth in the latest FOX News poll with 11 percent support among Republicans nationally.

He says he hopes to be offering someone the vice-presidential nomination, but agrees with both Ronald Reagan and Chris Christie that it would be hard for any American citizen to turn down that offer.

Gingrich also says he'd welcome Sarah Palin's endorsement now that she has decided not to join the race, but he hasn't asked for it and it's his "hunch" she will wait to endorse for a while.