Bachmann: I Would Build A Fence

A fiery Michele Bachmann (R-MN) took on the immigration issue Thursday night at the Fox News/Google GOP Presidential debate, and made it clear who she blamed for the crisis.

"It's reprehensible that President Obama has sued the state of Arizona and the governor of Arizona for trying to protect the people of Arizona. That's wrong. As President of the United States I would build a fence on America's southern border, on every mile, on every yard, on every foot, on every inch of the southern border. I think that's what we have to do."

The Congresswoman demanded the government needed to not only build the wall, but enforce the laws that are already on the books.

She concluded by insisting she would "not allow tax-payer funded benefits for illegal aliens or for their children," a glancing blow aimed at Texas Governor Rick Perry and his support for in-state tuition costs for illegal immigrants.