Ron Paul: I Didn’t Say FEMA Should Go

Several news agencies have reported that GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul wants to do away with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. But now, as the Gulf Coast deals with yet another natural disaster, the Texas Congressman wants it made clear that's not what he said.

"I haven't called for the immediate abolishment of FEMA," Paul told Fox News on Saturday.

He may not want to abolish FEMA, but Paul clearly isn't a fan of the federal agency he calls "broke" and "bureaucratic." FEMA lies within the Department of Homeland Security, and when called upon by the governor of a state, is responsible for coordinating the responses to disasters that overwhelm the resources of local and state governments.

Paul stands by his claim that there is a "better way to do things."

He thinks FEMA's "rescue operations are obviously very good" but argues the agency has become crutch.

"Their insurance program does a great deal of harm." For example, Paul feels that offering hurricane insurance encourages people to build homes in risky areas.

Paul says America handled natural disaster without FEMA before 1978. But he says as President he would try to make the program work.