Mr. Christie Goes to Washington

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie insists that he has no desire to head to the White House in 2012, but on Wednesday, the popular Republican will deliver a policy address just blocks away.

The outspoken Christie, hailed by many conservatives for his no-nonsense style, tough stance on unions and budget-consciousness, will speak at the American Enterprise Institute, a public policy think tank. As the budget battle rages on Capitol Hill, he is expected to tackle the controversy of the moment: Federal spending reductions.

"The general gist of the speech is to talk about the big issues the governor laid out in his State of the State speech," a senior official in Governor Christie's office tells Fox News. "Mainly restoring New Jersey's fiscal sanity and tackling pension and benefit reform."

The speech coincides with the Republican Governors Association's announcement that Christie has been named Policy Vice Chairman, working alongside Policy Chairman and Republican heavy-hitter Haley Barbour. "The scope of the RGA's efforts will intensify in the months ahead and Governor Christie will play an important role in helping lead that expansion," RGA Chairman and Texas Governor Rick Perry said in a statement Wednesday morning.

And though Christie has repeatedly stated that his interests lie in New Jersey and not at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, polls suggest that his approach to governing resonates with conservatives nationwide. In a recent Fox News poll, 29 percent of Republicans said they think Christie would make a good president.

Official overtures for the Oval Office aside, a description of Christie's speech provided to Fox News by Christie's office suggests that it will take a national bent. The governor "will essentially set up a parallel - what he is doing, and other governors are doing, in the states is a way forward for both Democratic and Republican leaders on the national level to deal with their own federal budget and fiscal challenges," the official says.

Fox News' Jake Gibson contributed to this report.