The Tea Party Flexes Its Political Muscle

AP Photo

AP Photo

It's undeniable that the Tea Party played a major role in the midterm election, and now Congressman Steve King, R-IA says the death of the Omnibus bill is proof their influence "goes far beyond" the ballot box.

Tea Party groups are claiming success after a campaign of phone calls and emails were sent to Capitol Hill in an effort to derail the earmark laden Omnibus bill.

"The sheer resistance to that kind of a pork bill is enough to get some Republicans that had earmarks to step back and say ‘I no longer support this bill,'" said King,

When asked about the push to pass the unpopular legislation, King said "It's arrogance, elitism and spite altogether. Remember, the liberals think they know what is best for everyone. They don't want to submit to their own rules. They think that people are like sheep and they need to be nurtured and taken care of and that we can't make decisions ourselves."

King added, "Conservatives believe that individuals, if they're given their right to liberty will make the best decisions themselves and the collective combination of that is the best decision for America."

In the end, Senate majority leader Harry Reid pulled the omnibus bill off the floor after Republicans threaten to have the 19,000 page bill read out loud.

Both houses of Congress have passed a short term bill to fund the government until Tuesday.