Despite Censure, Rangel's Name Will Remain on CCNY Building

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) File/AP Photo

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) File/AP Photo

A City College of New York building that was part of the investigation leading to Rep. Charles Rangel's (D-NY) censure by the House of Representatives will continue to bear his name. The House Ethics Committee found that Rangel violated congressional rules in 2008 when he wrote letters on official congressional stationary seeking donations for the academic center. Some of the donors Rangel solicited had business before the House Ways and Means Committee which he chaired at the time.

In a statement the college says, "The City College of New York continues to take pride in the mission and accomplishments of the Rangel Center for Public Service, which is committed to inspiring and preparing our students for the highest levels of public service, helping ensure that those who run our nation will better reflect our diverse and talented citizenry."

Along with its role in the House Ethics Committee investigation, the project was criticized after Rangel secured $1.9 million in public funds for the $30 million building.

Fox News Radio's Mike Majchrowitz contributed to this story.